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Zieba Knives S5 The Joker
Zieba Knives S5 The Joker

Zieba Knives S5 The Joker

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Zieba Knives S5 The Joker

No. 9 “The Unknown Man”

The Joker is an interesting level of consciousness that reflects the Tarot Cards Fool, a fool who dances for he is a Free Man like no one else around him.

The last few S5s in the Shadow version are coming to an end. The Joker ends the entire series of 5 years that I have spent developing and understanding # 5 and how much it matters. A student, a laudable one, who finds River Stream # 33 who has demonstrated knowledge, passion and dedication.

Self-conscious is the one who will find the way to the light within the light itself, who will devote his life to his Craft


Blade Length : 3.69 "

Overall Length: 8.00"

Weight: 156.00gram

Knife type: Side Flipper

Blade Steel: Damasteel

Scale Type: Titanium

Titanium Pocket Clip

Air pockets for weight reduction

Custom Titanium hardware

Ceramic ball bearing washers

Ceramic detent

Brass Skull Spacer

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