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Umarex S&W M29 8 3/8
Umarex S&W M29 8 3/8' Metal revolver Electroplated

Umarex S&W M29 8 3/8" Metal revolver Electroplated

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Umarex S&W M29 8 3/8” Metal revolver Electroplated

S&W M29 Dirty Harry Revolver 8 3/8 in 2275915

Go Ahead, Make My Day.

Dubbed as the most powerful handgun in the world, the Smith & Wesson* Model 29 became an iconic, sought after piece of movie memorabilia, following a film series which concluded with the release of Sudden Impact in 1983.  After being made a cinematic icon, the Model 29 was on everyone's "most wanted" list and is still a hit with gun owners today. Get your own Smith & Wesson* Model 29 in airgun or airsoft variants. Barrel lengths of 8 3/8", 5", and 3" are available for the die-hard collector or the casual plinker. Finished in chrome or beautifully blued, each Model 29 features a realistic 6-shot revolving action. Cartridges are included that hold  6 mm airsoft BBs and fit into the revolver's cylinder. All are powered by [1] 12g CO2 capsule and are single/double action.

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