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Toor Specter R Socom Black
Toor Specter R Socom Black

Toor Specter R Socom Black

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Toor Specter R Socom Black

With an overall length of 9.25” and weight of 6.5 oz., this dagger can be the centerpiece of any kit as well as be readily concealed, providing a valuable option when you need to stay inconspicuous and maintain the element of surprise. Its symmetrical design allows for a traditional or reverse grip when handling and provides a snug fit in its sheath, both ways. The addition of a ring to the Specter R now allows for a secure and quick deployment when the situation calls for it.

Made from CPM M4, the Specter R’s 4.25” blade is cloaked in KG Gunkote, giving it stealth finish. Available in Phantom Grey and SOCOM Black, each Specter R is entirely made here in San Diego, California by our skilled and talented manufacturing team. Every Specter R includes a DuoTone™ KYDEX® sheath, with easy retention adjustability and multiple friction offsets to eliminate blade rattle.


Overall Length 9.25"

Blade Length 4.25"

Handle Length 5.0"

Handle Material G10

Steel M4

Blade Finish KG Gunkote

Blade Thickness 0.1875"

Blade Hardness 59-61 Rockwell

Weight 6.5 oz

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