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Toor Marlin Spike 1.0 Slasher
Toor Marlin Spike 1.0 Slasher

Toor Marlin Spike 1.0 Slasher

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Toor Marlin Spike 1.0 Slasher

The Slasher is BACK! Forged in the black of night, the Slasher MarlinSpike has awakened. Don’t sleep on this Limited Edition tool, or it will haunt your dreams... or nightmares, for all eternity.

Originally designed as a nautical tool used to splice ropes, untie knots, or form toggles/handles, the MarlinSpike is a true hell beast that’s ready to tackle any situation.

Constructed from universally tough 4140 steel, this versatile tool is designed to be impact and fracture resistant from repeated stress. The finger grooves at the top and bottom of the spike ensure a non-slip grip when operating in slick conditions and we topped it off with a Black Oxide finish and Crimson fade on the tip.

Every Slasher MarlinSpike is Made in the USA and includes a Midnight Black KYDEX® sheath, sealed with 6 black eyelets in our standard universal hole pattern, which is compatible with all of our mounts.


Overall Length 6.5"

Diameter 0.375"

Steel 4140 Chromoly

Steel Hardness 50 Rockwell

Weight 2.2 oz

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