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Reate Knives - Skelton Tibia
Reate Knives - Skelton Tibia

Reate Knives - Skelton Tibia

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Reate Knives - Skelton Tibia

Designer: Jim Skelton

Jim Skelton began making knives in Dallas, Texas in 2016. Drawing from the knowledge of several of his knifemaker friends, Jim hit the ground running and started off right away as a full time knifemaker. In 2018, Jim was welcomed into the Knifemaker’s Guild and now in 2020 he has become a voting member in the Guild. “Skelton Bladeworks” began with the release of 2 designs, the second of which was the Tibia you see here. While his model selection has grown, the Tibia remains one of his personal favorites. It’s a tough, sleek modern Wharncliffe with a bit of a “tacticool” aesthetic. Practical for EDC as a tough tool for any cutting task, yet compact enough to carry discretely. From its piercing tip, to the long straight edge and back to the slim carbon fiber scales: the Tibia is compact-carry fixed blade.

Overall length: 7.28”

Blade length: 3.86”

Handle length: 2.83”

Blade thickness: 0.157”

Blade material: M390 Satin or Black

Blade material hardness: 61HRC

Handle material : Carbon fiber


Hand-made Leather sheath

Manufactured by Reate Knives

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