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Olight i5UV EOS
Olight i5UV EOS

Olight i5UV EOS

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Olight i5UV EOS

The pocket-size i5UV EOS uses a high-efficiency 365nm ultraviolet LED with 1500mW output, which especially performs better in illuminating pet stains, detecting counterfeit currency and spotting scorpions.

WAVELENGTH         365nm

Max. Performance (mW)      1500

Compatible Batteries           AA Alkaline Battery (Included)

Mode Operation        Tail Switch

Form/Size Factor      Small size


Waterproof    IPX8

Weight (g / oz)           63 / 2.22

Height (mm / in)        95 / 3.74

Base Diameter (mm / in)      17.8 / 0.70

Led      High Efficiency 365nm UV LED

Packaging      Carton Box

Use     Household, Outdoors, Everyday Carry, etc.

Package Contents   

i5UV EOS x 1

User Manual x 1

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