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Olight Warrior X 4 Matte Black
Olight Warrior X 4 Matte Black

Olight Warrior X 4 Matte Black

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Olight Warrior X 4 Matte Black

Balance of Spot and Spill: Max output: 2,600 lm; Max throw: 630 m; Peak beam intensity: 99,310 candela.

Dual Charging Options: In addition to MCC charging, the flashlight offers a hidden Type-C charging port, ensuring versatile charging options to suit various needs.

Enlarged Tail Switch with Nano Molding Technology: The new tail switch clearly distinguishes between light and heavy presses, while nano molding technology makes metal dust cleaning on the tail switch a breeze.

Programmable Modes: Freedom to easily choose between regular mode and tactical mode, with different experience with the tail switch. Strobe is available in Tactical mode.

Battery Indicator: The tri-color indicator allows you to easily stay informed about the remaining battery level with just a single glance.

MAX OUTPUT 2,600 lumens

POWERED BY Customized 5000mAh 3.6V 21700 Rechargeable Battery


CHARGE TYPE USB-C magnetic charging

MAX THROW 630 meters


MAX LIGHT INTENSITY 99,310 candela


mode 1

OUTPUT: 2,600-1000-300 lumens

RUNTIME: 3+140+20 minutes

DISTANCE: 630 meters

LIGHT INTENSITY: 99,310 candela

mode 2

OUTPUT: 300 lumens

RUNTIME: 8 hours

DISTANCE: 210 meters

LIGHT INTENSITY: 11,360 candela

mode 3

OUTPUT: 1000-300 lumens

RUNTIME: 159+20 minutes

DISTANCE: 390 meters

LIGHT INTENSITY: 38,160 candela

mode 4

OUTPUT: 13Hz@2600 lumens

Length: 5.87in/149mm Head Diameter: 1.56in/39.5mm Body Diameter: 1.02in/26mm

LIGHT SOURCE High Performance LED(5700-6700k)

WEIGHT 8.78oz/249g (Including Battery)


BODY MATERIAL Aluminum Alloy

WARRANTY Lifetime Warranty in the USA, Australia, Germany, France and China. 5 Year Warranty in other countries and regions.


Warrior X 4 x 1

USB-C Charging Cable x 1

Holster x 1

User Manual x 1

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