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Olight Olantern Music Black
Olight Olantern Music Black

Olight Olantern Music Black

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Olight Olantern Music Black

Light and Stereo 2-in-1 Design: It combines a camping light with a high-quality stereo, allowing you to light up your campsite while enjoying your favorite tunes. Make your camping unforgettable!

TWS Mode: By enabling the left and right speakers to work together wirelessly as a stereo pair, TWS mode produces a more realistic and engaging audio experience. The ultimate way to immerse yourself in high-quality audio!

Broadcasting Mode: This mode allows up to 100 speakers to play the same music simultaneously, while also incorporating dancing lights to add more fun to party time.

Retro Style: It adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to your camping experience, reminiscent of a good time from a bygone era.

Emergency Power Bank: With its built-in 11200mAh battery pack and support for 18W discharging, it can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile devices when you need it most!

Built-in Vibration Sensor: Its button backlights will light up in white when vibrations are detected, making it easy to find the buttons even in the dark. Always stay in control!

Great Compatibility: Compatible with devices with a 1/4 inch screw like Olight tactical tripod, it gives you even more flexibility and versatility when you use it.

IPX5 Water Resistant: It can resist a sustained and low-pressure water jet spray, enough to deal with many inevitable harsh environments. Just stay prepared for outdoor adventures!

MAX OUTPUT 300 lumens

POWERED BY 4 Standard Replaceable AA Batteries

MAX RUNTIME 110 hours

MODE OPERATION Rotary Knob Switch

LIGHT FORM 360 degree light distribution


White Light

High:300~150 Lumens;

Runtime: 20+650 minutes

Range:13 Meters


Low:130 Lumens;

Runtime: 17 hours

Range:8 Meters

Warm Light

High:130 Lumens;

Runtime: 13 hours

Range:130 Meters


Low:10 Lumens;

Runtime: 110 hours

Range:2 Meters


DIMENSIONS Height: 9.06 in/230mm

Diameter: 4.88in/124mm


White Light LED

Warm Light LED

WEIGHT 34.57oz/980g (Including Batteries)



DROP TEST 0.8 meters


Camping, Decoration, Home Party, Backyard Get-Togethers, Picnic, Hiking, Ambient Lighting, Power Outage Emergency Lighting, Night Light

WARRANTY 2 years warranty


Olantern Music x 1

AA Battery x 4

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