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NOVESKE Gen 4 w/eSilverEdge SDU2.0 Gearbox Airsoft AEG Training Rifle
NOVESKE Gen 4 w/eSilverEdge SDU2.0 Gearbox Airsoft AEG Training Rifle

NOVESKE Gen 4 w/eSilverEdge SDU2.0 Gearbox Airsoft AEG Training Rifle

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NOVESKE Gen 4 w/eSilverEdge SDU2.0 Gearbox Airsoft AEG Training Rifle

Fully licensed NOVESKE Rifleworks Gen4 Billet style AR-15 receiver with deep engraved NOVESKE logos and trademarks

New eSilverEdge gearbox featuring advanced S.D.U. 2.0 chipset to manage shot-to-shot amperage draw (gearbox only pulls 11amps at ~380 FPS) for improved consistency, performance, and instantaneous trigger response making this one of the most efficient stock gearboxes on the market

Selectable fire modes with 5 pre-set safe/semi/burst/auto options

Fully functional ambidextrous controls; fire selector, mag release, bolt stop/release all function flawlessly

Precision CNC machined aluminum NOVESKE NSR 7" M-LOK handguard with 7.94" outer barrel

Ambidextrous NOVESKE charging handle with laser engraved logos

When APS set out to develop the Silver Edge gearbox, they wanted to bring to market an ultra-smooth, low amperage draw, ultra-reliable system with huge upgrade potential. The newest iteration of the Silver Edge gearbox named eSilver Edge takes everything that made the original great and improves upon it.

The newly developed advanced S.D.U (Super Dynamic Unit) chipset monitors the amperage draw from shot to shot and will cut power to the gearbox if the current spikes too high before damage can be done to your gun.

To improve trigger performance, the eSilverEdge gearbox features a micro switch trigger which works together with the S.D.U. chipset for near instantaneous trigger response (as fast as 0.02 seconds). When combined with a short stroked trigger, users can achieve an incredible semi-auto rate of fire.

Additional to the reinforced internal parts, the gearbox shell itself has been greatly reinforced to withstand the stress of up to an M190 spring. Great thought and detail has gone into this gearbox to make it more durable, more efficient, and at the same time remain compatible with the great majority of Tokyo Marui Spec upgrade parts.

New to the APS eSilverEdge gearbox which is debuting with the NOVESKE line of Airsoft training rifles is the reworked SDU2.0 ECU chips. These chips carry all the improvements and features found on the eSilverEdge SDU ECU, but now has an intuitive easy to access programming switch built into the gearbox that allows quick changing of pre-programmed fire modes.

Pre-Programmed Firing Modes:

Mode 1 - Safe / Semi / Auto

Mode 2 - Safe / Semi / 3rd Burst

Mode 3 - Safe / 2rd Burst / Auto

Mode 4 - Safe / 3rd Burst / Auto

Mode 5 - Safe / 3rd Burst / 9rd Burst

Manufacturer: EMG

FPS Range: 340-350

Length: 670mm - 750mm

Weight: 2200g

Inner Barrel: ~220mm

Outer Barrel: 7.94"

Magazine Capacity: 450rd Hi-Capacity. Works with Matrix, G&G, Tokyo Marui and other compatible M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Magazines

Thread Direction: 14mm Negative

Gearbox: eSilverEdge SDU2.0 ver.2 Gearbox

Motor: Long Type high torque performance motor.

Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety

Battery: 7.4v Buffer Type LiPo recommended (Wired to stock with DEANS connector)

Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

Kryptek Obskura Grey

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