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Lionsteel B41 Fixed Blade
Lionsteel B41 Fixed Blade

Lionsteel B41 Fixed Blade

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Lionsteel B41 Fixed Blade

The B41 is a fixed blade bushcraft knife conceived for the most dissimilar camp usages and yet easy to handle for its reduced weight and average dimensions.
The B41 is equipped with a stone-washed Sleipner steel blade which is great for wood carving among other things. The milled handle offers an excellent grip. For a more traditional look the handle is available either in santos wood or olive wood, while for a more technical style there are the Micarta and G10 versions, the last one being available in three colours: black, green, orange.
Designed by Molletta, the B41 is provided with a back flat tang that can be scraped against the fire striker to light a fire. This operation can be done while the B41 is inside its sheath, in order to operate in total safety.

Total length: 223 mm. - 8.78 in.
Blade length: 104 mm. - 4.09 in.
Sharpening length: 103 mm. - 4.06 in.
Blade thickness: 3.8 mm. - 0.15 in.
Total weight: 176 gr. - 6.21 oz.
Blade steel: Sleipner steel
Blade finish: Stone washed
Handle material: Green Canvas
Handle colour: Green
Sheath: Leather with double seam
Packaging: Cardboard box

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